Welcome to Save a Little Life

We are very excited that you’ve chosen us for this very important educational experience. Whether or not you’ve taken a CPR course in the past, you are in for a surprise. Unlike many courses, our program is a simple, straight forward and uncomplicated approach to life-saving skills.

Our goal is to prepare parents & care providers for the most unlikely of events. As a result, the focus is on simplicity of action to increase the likelihood of a good outcome in a potential health crisis.

Although we follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association, we are not rigid in our approach. You will have plenty of “hands on” time with a life-like manikin in simulated emergency situations and, with our guidance, be able to respond in a helpful way.

In addition, we offer many materials that you will take home to reinforce the educational experience and improve your retention of the material presented.

We look forward to having you join us in this exciting journey of discovery and self reliance. It is a most rewarding feeling to know that if an unexpected event occurs, you will have increased confidence in your ability to make a difference in those lives you value most.

The 7 Minute Eternity

I have thought long and hard about how to best prepare all parents for the unthinkable. That, of course, would be the moment one might have to actually perform CPR or try and remove a life-threatening airway obstruction.

Now entering my 14th year as director of Save A Little Life, inc. I have known nearly a dozen parents who have actually faced this reality and proved that simple but quick action is at the root of survival.

My respect for firefighters, paramedics and other “First Responders” knows no bounds. Their professionalism, dedication and selflessness is well established. At the same time, these highly trained care givers cannot get to you (in many instances) quickly enough to avert a worst case scenario.

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Parents Save A Life

It was friday night. We were getting the twins ready for bed. They'd had their bottles, baths, and I was putting my son into his sleepsack as my wife put my daughter into her crib, sitting up. A moment later, she toppled over, and began to fuss. I put Jack into his crib, and grabbed Katie, trying to get her before the meltdown. And then I saw her face. She looked scared. She was trying to breath, and gasping out these little, muffled cries. I said to my wife "Honey? Does she look like she's turning blue?"

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Find a course date that suits your families needs in the Class Calendar or call our office at (818) 344-1442 and we will do our best to get you into the course you want.

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"My husband (Todd) and I took a class from you at The Sanctuary before we had our baby. I hadn't done a first-aid course in years, neither had Todd, so it was a great refresher. Our son Felix was born in June! This summer we went home to Canada to show him off to the family and Todd entered a tennis tournament one weekend. During the tournament a man required CPR, and Todd was able to correctly administer it for ten minutes before the ambulance arrived. The man was completely gone, and breathing only when Todd administered chest compressions but miraculously has pulled through and we just received an email saying that he is doing well. 

I wanted to email you to tell you that without your course this man likely would have died as nobody else on the scene appeared to know CPR and Todd took control and saved his life. So thank you!"

Kayla A.

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